Semantic Web or Web 3.0 analyzed by Evolving Trends

Marc Fawzi of Evolving Trends has put together an interesting array of articles he wrote on Semantic Web and Web 3.0. In essence, he has put together a small portal on Semantic Web, which is now presented to you. These articles put together give a clean idea of what the potential of Semantic Web entails.

Web 3.0

How it All Started

The first use of the term Web 3.0 in conjunction with the Semantic Web that reached tens of thousands of readers was made in the Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google? article, which was published at 5:20am EST, June 26, ‘06.

Here’s how one fellow blogger who had written about on June 28 after the article was published described it:

[…] But there it is. That was then. Now, it seems, the rage is Web 3.0. It all started
with this article here addressing the Semantic Web, the idea that a new organizational
structure for the web ought to be based on concepts that can be interpreted. The idea is
to help computers become learning machines, not just pattern matchers and calculators. […]

Another blogger wrote on June 28 (in his “Other Links” section):

“This is the first non-sarcastic reference to Web 3.0 I’ve seen in the wild”

Web 3.0 Articles on Evolving Trends

Web 3.0 Projects Alerts

Web 3.0 Project Wish List:

Noteworthy mentions of the Wikipedia 3.0 article:


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