The Premise of Viral One

The premise of our company by our CEO

One of the theories I was thinking about recently was because of the viral nature of the waves. There may be a way to manufacture them artificially. Since we both know that digg is controlled by a core number of individuals, I wouldn’t put it out of anyone’s reach to directly reach to these people and influence them.

A company could orchestrate this by giving incentives to bloggers. The bloggers that control digg. I don’t know though how well this would work, since a large part of computer culture is anti establishment and anti authority. And a lot of those types of individuals frequent the memediggers.

From a pure research point of vue, studies could be made about this. I’m sure that we both could find ways to duplicate this phenomenon. One of the other ways I’ve thought about is to ask your feed readers to digg the stories that they like. I think that Reddit is a lot easier to approach than digg, because it takes a lot less “points” for a story to move to the front page.

And if your regular readers will also save this story on, than this could be made to happen once more. However, I don’t think that it can happen regularly, it can happen from time to time. And you would have to make a big deal out of it, to seed a buzz before you publish the articles in questions ie, let’s say you start announcing that you’ve written a piece with Stephen Hawking about AI theory and you seed the buzz for a week before publishing the article. You use boards, blogs and other forms of media, you issue press releases to seed the buzz offline as well. I think that a conjunction between online and offline marketing could make the seeding of this buzz successful. Especially if this comes directly from a blogger not a company. The company would have to be behind this feat, since they would supply the money, for example just to continue the previously mentioned example, Stephen Hawking’s publishing house hires a Online Viral Marketing agency to do the work.

Now this could be a great idea, an Online Viral Marketing agency, hired by companies to seed their interests, from products to services.

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