Guerrilla Marketing defined

Guerrilla marketing was designed for small companies to become on the same footing as large companies, because smaller companies could never compete with the immense budgets of the larger ones. With guerrilla marketing, time, effort and imagination takes the place of money. It was originally designed for small companies, but now very big ones are using it as well.

From Wikipedia’s entry on guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla marketing, as described by Jay Conrad Levinson in his popular 1982 book Guerrilla Marketing, is an unconventional way of performing promotional activities on a very low budget. Such promotions are sometimes designed so that the target audience is left unaware they have been marketed to and may therefore be a form of undercover marketing (also called stealth marketing).

It is up to the guerrilla marketer to be creative and devise unconventional methods of promotion. He must use all of his contacts, both professional and personal, and must examine his company and its products, looking for sources of publicity. Many forms of publicity can be very inexpensive, and others are free.

It is argued that if one uses guerrilla tactics, one will find one’s small size an advantage. One will be able to obtain publicity more easily than a large company. One will be closer to one’s customers and more agile.

Levinson identifies the following principles as the foundation of guerrilla marketing:

  • Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for the small business.
  • It should be based on human psychology instead of experience, judgement, and guesswork.
  • Instead of money, the primary investments of marketing should be time, energy, and imagination.
  • The primary statistic to measure your business is the amount of profits, not sales.
  • The marketer should also concentrate on how many new relationships are made each month.
  • Create a standard of excellence with an acute focus instead of trying to diversify by offering allied products and services.
  • Instead of concentrating on getting new customers, aim for more referrals, more transactions with existing customers, and larger transactions.
  • Forget about the competition and concentrate more on cooperating with other businesses.
  • Guerrilla Marketers should always use a combination of marketing methods for a campaign.
  • Use current technology as a tool to empower your marketing.

Guerrilla marketing tactics

Although there are many unconventional marketing techniques, the following is a sample:

  • Word of mouth campaign
  • Reaching the consumer directly through their daily routine
  • Personal canvassing
  • Forehead advertising/Headvertise campaign
  • Bluejacking sending a personal message by bluetooth
  • Telemarketing by all members of the firm
  • Personal letters
  • Advertisements in the Yellow Pages
  • Personal meetings
  • Circulars and brochures distributed at parking lots, homes, offices, malls, etc.
  • Classified ads
  • Ads in local community newspapers
  • Billboards
  • Truck and automotive signs
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Seminars, lectures, and demonstrations
  • Searchlights
  • Flags and banners
  • T-shirts
  • Matches, pens, and calendars
  • Interactive Urinal Communicator
  • Advertisements printed on your own as well as other stores receipts

Guerrilla marketing was designed for small businesses, but it is now increasingly used by large businesses.

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