Important of AI research in Semantic Web

Semantic web is quite dependent on modern AI research. AI research is paramount to modern computing processes. Wikipedia offers quite an array of interesting articles on the matter.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (abbreviated AI, also some times called Synthetic Intelligence) is defined as intelligence exhibited by an artificial entity. Such a system is generally assumed to be a computer.

AI forms a vital branch of computer science, dealing with intelligent behavior, learning and adaptation in machines. Research in AI is concerned with producing machines to automate tasks requiring intelligent behavior. Examples include control, planning and scheduling, the ability to answer diagnostic and consumer questions, handwriting, speech, and facial recognition. As such, it has become an engineering discipline, focused on providing solutions to real life problems. AI systems are now in routine use in economics, medicine, engineering and the military, as well as being built into many common home computer software applications, traditional strategy games like computer chess and other video games.

For topics relating specifically to full human-like intelligence, see Strong AI and science fiction.

And for more information, consult the exhaustive AI portal on Wikipedia.


Artificial Intelligence Portal


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