Galactic Rim, a short speculative fiction story

A short science-fiction story revolving around Fleet Major Bobby Birondeau and his explorations of the galactic rim in the Milky Way. This story is situated in an undetermined future where technology and science has evolved to create new problems and dilemmas for humans.

This series explores themes of themes of transhumanism, extropianism, transenlightment, posthumans, technological singularities and elements of futurism. It is set at a time when posthumans are on the crux of transenlightment.

The genre of this story is hard science-fiction, meaning that it is firmly rooted in real scientific possibilities, including elements of the new weird genre.


Galactic Rim

Chapter I: Encounter

Chapter II: Flashbacks

Chapter III: The Admiral

Chapter IV: The Robots

Chapter V: The Council

Chapter VI: The Navigator

Chapter VII: The Crew (New)

Chapter VIII: The Preparation (Upcoming)

Chapter IX: In Transit (Upcoming)


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