Keotag, multiple engine and service tag search and generator

It has been demonstrated that tag words are important to be able to develop correct ontologies. This fact is compounded by the large number of different tags and the way that they are used. For some order to appear in all this chaos, inheritance and classes of tags need to be established and standardized for it to work.

Searching by tagwords has become quite popular over the last few years. There is a new service that is available that spiders your searches through a multitude of services. It’s called Keotag. These are the services that it spiders:

Technorati Blinklist Furl Google Blog Search Digg Yahoo! Tailrank Newsvine Blogpulse Feedster Icerocket RawSugar Tagzania Shadows Feedmarker 43 Things

It can also generate tags for your blogs automatically. This will be quite useful because there needs to be a difference, hierarchically between categories and tags. Categories are more general, where as tags are more specific. There seems to be a lot of confusion on the matter.

Instead of visiting technorati, digg and, you can now spider searches through Keotag to all of them, one after the other. It can also generate html code for social bookmarking services, such as automatically. See the bottom of this article for more details.

This is quite effective and quick if you post a lot of articles and want to include tags and social bookmarking tools directly in your posts. One of the first steps to semantic web is the development of tools like these to start organizing tagwords. Otherwise, the blogosphere will end up with as many tagwords as posts.

technorati tags: tags:
icerocket tags:

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