Twine Is Absent Use Gmail

There are a lot of people waiting impatiently to become part of the private beta of Twine, one of the first semantic web applications available. We’ve combed the web, but invites are scarce. There is a long waiting list to take part in Twine. From the comments of the people behind the application, Twine is a far from becoming fully functional.

In absence of Twine and it’s expert system, there is a growing movement of people using Gmail instead.


Yes Gmail.

First and foremost, you can use the space of a Gmail account as a place to store files using Gspace. Available space on a Gmail account has recently doubled to almost 6GB.

Using tags and labels, it becomes easy to transform Gmail into a personal database. Automatic tags can be inserted by using this syntax:

This will attach the tag to the email in question. Using the filter option, you can find these emails easily. Bookmarks from can be piped through Yahoo! Alerts thanks to the RSS feed and then automatically sent to your Gmail account. Using:

It is possible to find these bookmarks easily again. This is a way of backing them up. However the tags associated with the bookmarks on are lost this way.

It is also possible to use the Google Toolbar to email to yourself information that you find relevant on the web. At the same time, important documents can be sent to Google Docs for safekeeping.

The new version of Gmail disables this Greasemonkey script, which made it possible to view the Google Reader through Gmail.

Although Gmail doesn’t learn yet, there is a definite possibility that it will do so at some point in the future. Using Yahoo! Pipes further enhances this use.

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