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Response to Paull Young and Young PR

This is a response to some comments made by Paull Young and Young PR on his blog.

As mentioned, we do not do astroturfing, we do some stealth marketing, we do viral marketing. We specialize in online viral marketing. We are in no way involved in lobbying or the political arena. We are also a think tank on modern marketing techniques, trying to come up with new ideas and tools.

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Astroturfing and Stealth Marketing

A quick note on Astroturfing. We are by no means involved in any political arenas. We specialize in some stealth marketing for companies, products and their brands. However, we mainly do online viral marketing. We are not involved in lobbying. We are a bit vague in our contact details for the moment, because the idea of our company is quite recent. More details will follow in due course.

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