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How To Translate The New Into The Old

In this article, we examine why it is so hard to translate the new forms of marketing into old media results. And what to do in order to be able to have the right kind of results.

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Recent viral marketing campaigns


This article was updated on the 9th of August 2006


In this article, we examine a few of the more successful viral marketing campaigns to hit the blogosphere in the last week.

Some of the more recent viral campaigns in the blogosphere were about some up and coming movies. From Miami Vice to Snakes on a plane.

UPDATE: Rocketboom and the NY Times post material about That Girl Emily viral marketing campaign.

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Welcome to Viral One Online Marketing Agency

Welcome to Viral One.

We specialize in online marketing, specifically in viral marketing. This process is made possible by the use and manipulation of the blogosphere. Viral online marketing is the next trend in viral marketing. Making your product known by thousands in a few days is what we aim for, by the use of bloggers, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, memediggers and more tools that we have at our disposal.

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