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Towards Intelligent Findability by Eric Noam Rodriguez

In a series of articles, we present Towards Intelligent Findability. This article is by Eric Noam Rodiguez and is edited by Marc Fawzi.


This article was last updated at 4:00pm EST, July 19, 06


By Eric Noam Rodriguez (versión original en español CMS Semántico)

Editing and Addendum by Marc Fawzi

A lot of buzz about Web 3.0 and Wikipedia 3.0 has been generagted lately by Marc Fawzi through this blog, so I’ve decided that for my first post here I’d like to dive into this idea and take a look at how to build a Semantic Content Management System (CMS). I know this blog has had a more of a visionary, psychological and sociological theme (i.e., the vision for the future and the Web’s effect on society, human relationships and the individual himself), but I’d like to show the feasibility of this vision by providing some technical details.

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Semantic Web portal of Evolving Trends updated

Marc Fawzi over at Evolving Trends has updated his web 3.0 portal. It was first mentioned here, but consult it to elucidate your queries about semantic web, after having read about the basics here.

A Strong AI versus a Weak AI, definitions and ideas

For those who aren’t as well versed as some of the AI researchers, there is a fundamental difference between Strong AIs and where current AI research is. If you aren’t aware, expert systems are used commonly in software design. Expert systems are a part of Weak AIs. For the moment, Türing type AIs are out of reach. Türing type AIs are like the ones represented in popular speculative fiction.

But how far are they, really?

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An Expert System, defined

An expert system uses an inference engine to decide and to reason about the information contained in its knowledge base, for the ultimate purpose of formulating new conclusions.

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An Inference Engine, defined

On of the most important parts of semantic web is an inference engine. It is actually one of the parts that AI and AI research use to generate expert systems.

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Object Oriented Design, as a computer programming paradigm

One of the reasons why ontologies are so important to the development of semantic web, is because of object oriented design and programming. This type of programming paradigm was revolutionized with C++ in the early 1990.

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Ontologies, defined

Modern computer science based ontologies will be most important when semantic web starts to appear. Ontologies were largely influenced by Object Oriented Programming.

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