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Galactic Rim, a short speculative fiction story

A short science-fiction story revolving around Fleet Major Bobby Birondeau and his explorations of the galactic rim in the Milky Way. This story is situated in an undetermined future where technology and science has evolved to create new problems and dilemmas for humans.

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Futurism and Semantic Web

The reason why transhumanism, posthumans, extropianism and technological singularities were defined is because they will have relationships with some aspects of semantic web.

As posthumans are derived from humans, semantic web will be derived from web 2.0. Ontologies will be created and artificial intelligence will play a major role in all of these facets.

What kind of web or allweb will posthumans interact with? How will AIs be involved? Will there be Türing type AIs at that time?

Extropianism, defined

Extropianism ties into transhumanism and the definition of a posthuman.

From Wikipedia’s entry on extropianism.

Extropianism, also referred to as extropy, is an evolving framework of values and standards for continuously improving the human condition. Extropianism describes a pragmatic consilience of transhuman thought guided by a conscious, pro-active, self-directed approach to human evolution and progress. (Extropians were once concisely described as libertarian transhumanists, and some still hold to this standard.)

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Technological Singularity, defined

Having mentioned a technological singularity before, it is time to define it.

From Wikipedia’s entry on technological singularity.

In futures studies, a technological singularity represents an “event horizon” in the predictability of human technological development. Past this event horizon, following the creation of strong artificial intelligence or the amplification of human intelligence, existing models of the future cease to give reliable or accurate answers. Futurists predict that after the Singularity, posthumans and/or strong AI will replace humans as the dominating force in science and technology, rendering human-specific social models obsolete.

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A Posthuman, defined

The posthuman is an important part of transhumanism.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Posthuman.

Post-human is a hypothetical future being whose capabilities so radically exceed those of present humans as to be no longer human by current standards. A posthuman can also be described as the creature that results from radical human enhancement. In these ways, the difference between the posthuman and other hypothetical sophisticated non-humans is that a posthuman was once a human, either in its life time or in the life times of some or all of its direct ancestors.

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