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Twine Is Absent Use Gmail

There are a lot of people waiting impatiently to become part of the private beta of Twine, one of the first semantic web applications available. We’ve combed the web, but invites are scarce. There is a long waiting list to take part in Twine. From the comments of the people behind the application, Twine is a far from becoming fully functional.

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Triple Twine And Comments By Nova Spivack

We found another post on Twine. This is an analysis of what has been posted on the web and blogs. It isn’t a review of Twine since the author hasn’t been able to test it yet. We found it a good digest on what has been published on Twine. It’s too bad that it isn’t an actual review of the service itself.

Peter Rip, one of the VCs behind Radar Networks, give his own impression of Twine. He doesn’t yet use it to its full potential, however he does mention ways that he sends information to Twine. By sending bcc copies of some emails and by using a Twine bookmarklet.

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More On Twine

We’ve discovered a newish article on Read Write Web on Twine. It includes a bit more information about Twine, it’s functions and usability.

Twine was created by RadarNetworks. It’s been in private beta since October 2007. This article gives us a bit more information about the app, but it’s still vague in what it can do. There are a lot of grand goals that they want to accomplish with Twine. Time will tell if Twine will deliver.

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Towards Intelligent Findability by Eric Noam Rodriguez

In a series of articles, we present Towards Intelligent Findability. This article is by Eric Noam Rodiguez and is edited by Marc Fawzi.


This article was last updated at 4:00pm EST, July 19, 06


By Eric Noam Rodriguez (versión original en español CMS Semántico)

Editing and Addendum by Marc Fawzi

A lot of buzz about Web 3.0 and Wikipedia 3.0 has been generagted lately by Marc Fawzi through this blog, so I’ve decided that for my first post here I’d like to dive into this idea and take a look at how to build a Semantic Content Management System (CMS). I know this blog has had a more of a visionary, psychological and sociological theme (i.e., the vision for the future and the Web’s effect on society, human relationships and the individual himself), but I’d like to show the feasibility of this vision by providing some technical details.

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Semantic Wiki, MediaWiki and Blog, defined and ideas

The idea of the Semantic Blog has been circulated for some time. It is becoming closer to a reality thanks to the combined efforts of Wikipedia and it’s contributors. The idea starts behind the Semantic Wiki.

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