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Recent viral marketing campaigns


This article was updated on the 9th of August 2006


In this article, we examine a few of the more successful viral marketing campaigns to hit the blogosphere in the last week.

Some of the more recent viral campaigns in the blogosphere were about some up and coming movies. From Miami Vice to Snakes on a plane.

UPDATE: Rocketboom and the NY Times post material about That Girl Emily viral marketing campaign.

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The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

This has been circulating for some time, but still of interest to viral marketers. From the material at hand, it was first published in 2000. There are a lot of viral marketing resources available out there. He draws a parallel between biological virii and computer virii.
From Web Marketing Today, Dr Ralph F. Wilson ideas on viral marketing.

The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

I admit it. The term “viral marketing” is offensive. Call yourself a Viral Marketer and people will take two steps back. I would. “Do they have a vaccine for that yet?” you wonder. A sinister thing, the simple virus is fraught with doom, not quite dead yet not fully alive, it exists in that nether genre somewhere between disaster movies and horror flicks.

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Counterpoint on Stealth Marketing

A counter argument to stealth marketing, or buzz marketing or undercover marketing. The source article examines the ethics of stealth marketing.

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Guerrilla Marketing defined

Guerrilla marketing was designed for small companies to become on the same footing as large companies, because smaller companies could never compete with the immense budgets of the larger ones. With guerrilla marketing, time, effort and imagination takes the place of money. It was originally designed for small companies, but now very big ones are using it as well.

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Think Tank

We are a think tank. The premise of our company came out of discussions that our CEO had on semantic web and the viral nature of the memedigger waves that seemed so interesting.

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Response to Paull Young and Young PR

This is a response to some comments made by Paull Young and Young PR on his blog.

As mentioned, we do not do astroturfing, we do some stealth marketing, we do viral marketing. We specialize in online viral marketing. We are in no way involved in lobbying or the political arena. We are also a think tank on modern marketing techniques, trying to come up with new ideas and tools.

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Astroturfing and Stealth Marketing

A quick note on Astroturfing. We are by no means involved in any political arenas. We specialize in some stealth marketing for companies, products and their brands. However, we mainly do online viral marketing. We are not involved in lobbying. We are a bit vague in our contact details for the moment, because the idea of our company is quite recent. More details will follow in due course.

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