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How To Translate The New Into The Old

In this article, we examine why it is so hard to translate the new forms of marketing into old media results. And what to do in order to be able to have the right kind of results.

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Recent Updates

This article was just updated with some more information about some recent viral marketing campaigns.
Recent Viral Marketing Campaigns

Recent viral marketing campaigns


This article was updated on the 9th of August 2006


In this article, we examine a few of the more successful viral marketing campaigns to hit the blogosphere in the last week.

Some of the more recent viral campaigns in the blogosphere were about some up and coming movies. From Miami Vice to Snakes on a plane.

UPDATE: Rocketboom and the NY Times post material about That Girl Emily viral marketing campaign.

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Memes, a set of examples, theories and ideas

In this article, we discuss and examine the idea of a meme with theories, examples and reasoning. We concentrate on the memes generated in the blogosphere and in IT, leaving aside cultural and linguistic memes. We also examine the impact that memes have on web site traffic and on the blogosphere.

As described before, a meme refers to a replicator of cultural information that one mind transmits (verbally or by demonstration) to another mind.

In the context of the blogosphere and IT, a meme is an idea, video, story that is transmitted from one user to the next, via a blog based medium, be it a vblog, a blog or a podcast. It empowers the blogosphere to be an almost instant agent of information dissemination, if the memotype of the meme is relevant to enough people.

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(This article was updated at 20:36 EST)

One of the most popular web 2.0 tools is social bookmarking. Even if started out as a way to bookmark and tag your favorites sites and blogs, it has evolved into meme in its own right by indicating trends. These trends manifest themselves by the amount of times a certain link has been saved, or by the and pages from the main site. Also, popurls and reaggregator sites

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The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

This has been circulating for some time, but still of interest to viral marketers. From the material at hand, it was first published in 2000. There are a lot of viral marketing resources available out there. He draws a parallel between biological virii and computer virii.
From Web Marketing Today, Dr Ralph F. Wilson ideas on viral marketing.

The Six Simple Principles of Viral Marketing

I admit it. The term “viral marketing” is offensive. Call yourself a Viral Marketer and people will take two steps back. I would. “Do they have a vaccine for that yet?” you wonder. A sinister thing, the simple virus is fraught with doom, not quite dead yet not fully alive, it exists in that nether genre somewhere between disaster movies and horror flicks.

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Viral nature of an idea

From Seth Godin’s, his ideas on what makes ideas viral.

What makes an idea viral?

For an idea to spread, it needs to be sent and received.

No one “sends” an idea unless:
a. they understand it
b. they want it to spread
c. they believe that spreading it will enhance their power (reputation, income, friendships) or their peace of mind
d. the effort necessary to send the idea is less than the benefits

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