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A Moblog, defined

An important part of the blogosphere, moblogging enables bloggers to blog whilst away from their computer through handheld devices, such as cellphones, PDA’s and multimedia devices. Typically, the image and text is sent by email from the handheld device to a server which automatically posts it to the aforementioned blog.

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A Blog, defined

The blogosphere is composed mainly of blogs and web 2.0 type social sharing applications, such as At last count, through technorati, there were 48.7 million blogs worldwide tracked by them. The push is to put all your data online and  through tools access them anywhere. This is basically the server/ console model, where the console would be mobile. This is already happening with the advent of online email applications, to social bookmarking to online storage.

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Vlog or Video Blog defined

To understand the impact of the modern blogosphere, we must understand the new trend of video blogging, or vlogging. Video blogging is a form of blogging that is on the rise. Ever since the webcam and the blogs, the potential has been there to produce millions of independent channels worldwide.

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