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The Unwisdom of crowds, Introduction

After reading Marc Fawzi’s articles on the wisdom of crowds, we were confronted with the unwisdom of crowds, which is actually the mob mentality. It has been proven that the more people are together, the less intelligent decisions will be taken because of mob mentality.

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Memediggers, a series of examples

In this post, we examine the memediggers that are available. There are always new ones popping up. These sites enable users to submit links and stories, which are then voted upon by the community of users. The more stories and links are liked, the higher they move up to the front page. Getting “dugg” can generate huge amounts of traffic.

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State of the blogosphere

David Sifry, CEO and founder of Technorati, has posted an interesting article in April about the state of the blogosphere. He also posted a follow-up article in the month of May 2006.

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All About Web 3.0 by Marc Fawzi

In a series of articles, we present All About Web 3.0. This article is by Marc Fawzi from Evolving Trends.


(this article was last updated at 9:30am, July 19, ‘06)

For latest Web 3.0 links, you may always check the Web 3.0 section.


Please note: the term “Web 3.0″ is the dictionary word “Web” followed by the number “3″, a decimal point and the number “0.” As such, the term itself cannot and should not have any commercial significance in any context.

How it All Started …

The first use of the term Web 3.0 in conjunction with the Semantic Web that reached hundreds of thousands of people (according to was made in the Wikipedia 3.0: The End of Google? article, which was published here on Evolving Trends at 5:20am EST, June 26, ‘06.

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Futurism and Semantic Web

The reason why transhumanism, posthumans, extropianism and technological singularities were defined is because they will have relationships with some aspects of semantic web.

As posthumans are derived from humans, semantic web will be derived from web 2.0. Ontologies will be created and artificial intelligence will play a major role in all of these facets.

What kind of web or allweb will posthumans interact with? How will AIs be involved? Will there be Türing type AIs at that time?

Semantic Web portal of Evolving Trends updated

Marc Fawzi over at Evolving Trends has updated his web 3.0 portal. It was first mentioned here, but consult it to elucidate your queries about semantic web, after having read about the basics here.

A Strong AI versus a Weak AI, definitions and ideas

For those who aren’t as well versed as some of the AI researchers, there is a fundamental difference between Strong AIs and where current AI research is. If you aren’t aware, expert systems are used commonly in software design. Expert systems are a part of Weak AIs. For the moment, Türing type AIs are out of reach. Türing type AIs are like the ones represented in popular speculative fiction.

But how far are they, really?

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