At ViralOne, we offer different services for our clients, specializing in analysis, strategic web 2.0 consults and viral marketing campaigns on and offline.


To reach hundreds of thousands of people rapidly and effectively. To meet your future clients in a way not possible before, through the blogosphere and the modern online marketing tools. To push your product or service into the international market, into the next area of influence. To promote a brand, company, product quickly and instantly.

Strategic web 2.0 consultants

We currently offer strategic advice as web 2.0 consultants for companies and private clients, on how to migrate your web services into the new arena of web 2.0 marketing, through improvements and marketing tools.

What is the blogosphere and why is it so important to companies? Why do people read blogs and why are bloggers important to modern companies? Why are Citizen Journalists becoming the modern day journalists? All these questions can be answered by having a web 2.0 consultant elaborate an effective web 2.0 strategy for your company and your brand. With a complete strategy, you will be able to reach millions of potential clients through the blogosphere, create a buzz around up and coming products and market yourself into the blogosphere with intent and purpose.

Phone, IM, on site Consultations

Phone and IM consultations are 200$ per hour. On site consultations are available also at 1000$ per day for our services, travel expenses not included. We are available upon request to travel anywhere in the world to meet up with our clients and do our analysis and strategy. Deposits and advance notice for booking are necessary for these consults.

If you’d like to receive a complete review of you project or business, we also have a flat fee of 10000$ for each analysis.

This analysis can also be included in an overall viral marketing campaign, blending offline and online tools.

ViralOne works with companies, individuals, artists from all over the world.


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