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The Viral Nature Of The Minds Of Children, Part I

Since I have extremely interested in memetics, I have opened a keen eye to the way that the children interact with each other, and what influences them. Most importantly, I have watched to see memes transmitted from one child’s mind to another quite easily.

To further this aim, I have created a new channel on The Memoirs (Memetics). In this channel, I will also reprint most of my original articles from ViralOne, so that they are all located on one blog.

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Viral Nature of the minds of Children

We are sorry for the lack of updates, but we have just moved to Asia. In the last few months, we have also had the time to ponder a few new ideas. One of us is working with children and we have had time to examine some of the viral aspects of children’s minds. We will be posting an article on this later on this week.

How To Translate The New Into The Old

In this article, we examine why it is so hard to translate the new forms of marketing into old media results. And what to do in order to be able to have the right kind of results.

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Recent Updates

This article was just updated with some more information about some recent viral marketing campaigns.
Recent Viral Marketing Campaigns

Cognitive Science, an Introduction

We discovered this site from Ron Ferguson an assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology about COGSCI 3790, an Introduction to Cognitive Science. The blog is quite complete with lectures, works and reading materials. Cognitive Science ties in with modern AI research. It’s a great introduction to one of the main precepts of AI research and expert systems.

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The Unwisdom of crowds, Introduction

After reading Marc Fawzi’s articles on the wisdom of crowds, we were confronted with the unwisdom of crowds, which is actually the mob mentality. It has been proven that the more people are together, the less intelligent decisions will be taken because of mob mentality.

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Towards Digg 3.0, a true Digg Nation

In this article, we examine the impact of the new features launched by digg recently and what they need to do to change market arenas and move forward in the next few months. Also we examine what Calacanis has been doing with Netscape’s memedigger.

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