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Twine is a semantic web application. It’s still in private beta (invite only) and has been for a while.

Twine aggregates emails, bookmarks, documents, contacts, photos, videos, product info, data records, and more. Twine actually understands the meaning of any information you add in, it helps you organize all your stuff automatically. Finally, you can search and browse everything and everyone you know, about anything, in one convenient place.

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We were intrigued to learn of Pyke. The artificial intelligence angle got our interest. From the documentation on the website, Pyke is an inference engine completely written in Python. Simplistically, an inference engine is what an expert system uses to make decisions.

Let’s remind ourselves what exactly an inference engine is:

In computer science, and specifically the branches of knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence, an inference engine is a computer program that tries to derive answers from a knowledge base. It is the “brain” that expert systems use to reason about the information in the knowledge base for the ultimate purpose of formulating new conclusions. Inference engines are considered to be a special case of reasoning engines, which can use more general methods of reasoning.

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An Expert System, defined

An expert system uses an inference engine to decide and to reason about the information contained in its knowledge base, for the ultimate purpose of formulating new conclusions.

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